Tarmac Repair and Application of Tarmac Sealer, Superior Tarmac Paint

Tarmac Sealer is the best and easiest way to protect tarmac or asphalt from loss of colour, fretting stones and cracking.

We receive many enquiries regarding Tarmac Repair. It is by far the cheapest tarmac driveway repair option before you consider digging up and replacing a complete tarmac driveway or car park. Tarmac Repair and restoration is generally easy to do, with results that can far exceed your initial expectations.

Once the application of the Superior Tarmac Paint has been completed, foot traffic is permitted after approximately 2 hours, with vehicle traffic after 24 hours. The main reason for restricting vehicle use is that warm tyres running over the surface before the coating has fully cured can lead to peeling and de-lamination.

Tarmac Sealer, Tarmac Repair, Tarmac Paint

Tarmac Restoration Video Guide

With the benefits of our “Video Guide to Cleaning, Restoring and Maintaining Tarmac Driveway” and customer support, a successful Tarmac Restoration project is now achievable by any capable DIY enthusiast.

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